About School

Dr Lokmandas Public School started in 2008, with the objective of making school a second home , and learning, a happy experience. Learning is a natural process and happens best when the learner is eager to learn. It can only happen in an atmosphere of love, good relationship and friendliness and only when both the teacher and the taught have open and receptive minds. We are set on our journey to break away traditional methods and make the whole process enjoyable . Learning based on fear and coercion is not real learning and want to be show everyone that love and positive environment can be such a great place to become life long learners. So embark upon with us and make the world a better place !!!

Every year, new students arrive on campus excited and full of hope. We have taken up the mission to gift to the world poised and confident adults. They will be leaving us for jobs and graduate school, taking with them a sense of purpose and a commitment to improving the future for all the human race.

Join us and see what your journey at Dr Lokmandas Public School, Etah can do for you!