About School

About Dr. Lokmandas Public School, Etah

Welcome to Lokmandas School, a pioneering name in quality education. It aims at educating students from all societies. The school curriculum,assessment and testing system, parental engagement, expectations and entitlement all balance really well with the design of Dr. Lokmandas Public School Etah.

Today’s kids are going to retire in the year 2070. We need to prepare students for their future, not for our past ,because we are preparing students for jobs that haven't been invented yet. Competition, Co-operation, Collaboration other skills that led the foundation for a successful career in top global companies. We are preparing students to be global, 21st century citizens & life long learners. We believe in teaching students to compete with themselves and cooperate with others.

Lokmandas has always been dedicated to nurturing responsive & motivated students through dynamic, success oriented education programmes, empowering students with a global & local perspective. What drives us is our belief that development in students should happen physically, emotionally,intellectually & Lokmandas School is equipped with infrastructure that helps the child grow through such ways.

We have a constant desire to pursue & approach learning to help every child develop into a holistic personality. That's the Philosophy & culture of Lokmandas Public School Etah

Today, there are about 5000 students studying in these institutions from Nursery to Senior Secondary levels.

Why DLPS Group Pursuit Of Excellence?

  • DLPS Group possesses a unique infrastructure.
  • DLPS Group enables every child to realize his/her potential.
  • DLPS Group inspires every child to achieve excellent academic results as well as holistic development.
  • DLPS Group supports every individual to develop one's own personal strength.
  • DLPS Group cherishes every child's uniqueness and nurtures individuality through proper Counseling as and when required.
  • DLPS Group forges a strong and close mentor-pupil relationship.
  • DLPS Group appoints highly qualified experienced teaching staff.
  • DLPS Group treats every child to be unique in themselves.
  • DLPS Group Sports Facilities are one of the best CBSE Schools in Etah due to very Dedicated Coaches.

Join us and see what your journey at Dr Lokmandas Public School, Etah can do for you!